LAWROC is a landcare group that was formed to improve catchment health in the Otways but more importantly to ensure no further degradation takes place as a result of oer exploitation of water resources.

Tony Burke ( Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry – Federal Government) stated in the forward of the book “Making a Difference”, that celebrates 20 years of Landcare groups Most importantly, the landcare model has shown that communities and individuals can achieve remarkable results when given the power and the opportunity to identify problems and implement their own solutions.”

In the same publication Bobbie Brazil ( Chairman of Australian Landcare Council) stated “the council relies heavily on its ‘on-ground’ volunteers to ensure a necessary reality check and knowledge base so that relevant ministers and other department officials can have confidence in its advice.” She said in regard to the consultation process “and ensure that consultation was explicit, open, meaningful and inclusive.”

The continued health of the environment depend on these statements being nurtured and implemented which is what LAWROCC endeavours to do in the catchments of the Otways.

If you would like to became a member of LAWROC or would like to know more you can contact us by email on lawroc.lawroc@gmail.com